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RBM Noor 6055

RBM Noor 4-leg is lean and lightweight. The RBM Noor 6055 comes with a 3D veneer shell in natural or dark-stained oak which you can mix-and-match with various tubular steel leg colours. Armrests are optional. The chair is an easy-to-stack chair that’s perfectly apt for most dining areas, meeting rooms or study environments, along with your home. 

RBM Noor 6055
RBM Noor 6055

The RBM Noor 4-leg

RBM Noor 4-leg makes lean and lightweight look easy.

As a result, it’s the most minimalistic in the Noor series.

Timeless Scandinavian design is reflected in its simplicity and functionality - making it our ideal crossover model. A chair that’s perfectly suitable in any work, study or home environment.

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